Spiritual PurposeEveryone has a purpose. Our individual purpose is the part we play in the Divine Plan of Life. It is part of your tapestry of life. The awareness and energy of this purpose is embedded in your auric field and consciousness. It is imprinted on the fabric of life. Life itself is trying to bring this purpose into realization. It is a driving force urging you onward and upward. Ironically, with all this spiritual power and support many people find fulfilling their purpose difficult and confusing. There are many ways to understand and strengthen this essential part of you. Working with the angelic realms is a major way to help realize all you can be.

The angels and celestial beings play a big part in helping you find and fulfill your purpose. Every day they are inspiring you and sending you intuitive promptings. Yet too often many do not listen or do not want to hear what the divine has to say. This can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe there is fear, or one may be digressing or diverting attention from where it needs to be. There may have been a trauma or tragedy has discouraged someone from aspiring to their highest self. These are all very real situations. Yet without question, a big reason we do not understand or fulfill our purpose is we simply do not put enough effort into the task.

Fulfilling your purpose is one of the most difficult, demanding yet rewarding things you can do. There is nothing in life more satisfying than completing your purpose. It will demand the very best of you, more than you think you have to give. But too many people, instead of rising to the call, either have not taken the time to developed the needed will power, or are simply too lazy, or disorganized to seek and find their purpose.

A key principle is ambition. You will need a great deal of ambition to succeed in all you came to this earth to do. For those in the spiritual work, ambition is often viewed as a negative quality. Ambition can implies aggression, ruthlessness, materialist thinking etc. When ambition is misused and aimed only at temporal gains, this can be true. From the spiritual perspective, ambition is drive, passion, intense desire, and focus. This generates clarity, joy, gentleness, love and inspiration. It brings you closer to the divine. So spiritual ambitious is something to embrace and develop. It gives you the tenacity to stay on track, to stay with the plan as long as it takes to fully complete. At the same time, it leaves you open to new ideas and flows of inspiration. Ambition fuels the driving progress of civilization.

The spiritual hierarchy as a whole works very closely with purpose. By helping humanity fulfills its purpose humanity contribute its part in the divine plan as a whole. And this is extremely important to the divine, because it is the Holy One’s job to realize the divine plan laid out by God. Remember we are partners with the divine and essential to the Holy Work.

There are many celestial beings who can help in this process. The Archangel Raphael is the masterful archangel to call upon if you need more clarity in your spiritual purpose. He brings in the silver ray of Divine Intelligence which can bring greater awareness, so we can see for ourselves what we need to do.

Working under Archangel Raphael you can request the divine guidance of what are known as the Choir Angels and in particular the seraphims. These mighty angels are very industrious and help fan the fires of ambition. In the aura, the attribute of ambition comes through as a bright orange light especially in the heart center (also known as the Hermetic Center). These seraphim angels can help build more spiritual power in your Hermetic center to fuel your ambition.

Work with these divine beings in meditation and prayer. Then follow through on the promptings and inspiration given. As you make more time to get closer to the Divine, you move in closer rhythm with the spiritual pulse beat. This gives you more power to pursue your life purpose with greater joy and success.

Love and light,
Barbara Y. Martin

Of the clairvoyant gifts I have been blessed with, I count my connection with the Holy Ones as my most essential. From the first experience of seeing an angel at age three, the Holy Ones of Divine Light have been my constant companions and support personally, professionally, and spiritually. CommuningWithTheDivine_08-15-13

I have been a metaphysical teacher for more than forty years now. I am primarily known for my work with the auric field and have taught thousands to better themselves by working with their aura and spiritual energy. Yet behind all metaphysical work is the spiritual hierarchy. I simply could not do my metaphysical work without their constant support.

The spiritual hierarchy is the administrator of God’s divine plan. This holy order ranges from advanced souls in the human kingdom to glorious angels, archangels, and planetary leaders. These Holy Ones have been on the spiritual path for a long time, many for eons, and have evolved enormously. They work to uplift humanity and form the evolutionary link connecting us to God. These exalted beings work on different levels of unfoldment, which is why it’s called a hierarchy, yet all work in perfect harmony with one another. Together, they form the evolutionary chain that links all life from the simplest amoeba to the most radiant archangel.

The spiritual hierarchy is your pathway to God. They are the means through which you achieve your life’s purpose and reach your highest spiritual potential. You can’t do it without them.

Let it be said that seeing celestial beings is by no means a prerequisite to working with them. Just as you do not need to see the aura to work with it, you don’t need to see the Higher to work with them. The Higher works lovingly with every soul whether you see them or not.

I had a very dedicated student, Lois, for many years. We were very good friends. She was smart and diligent in her spiritual studies and meditations. Yet she would complain that she could not see the Divine Light—she could not see the Holy Ones, nothing. Yet she knew the spiritual work had value and saw the positive effects in her life. Well, one day, during her meditation, quite unexpectedly, she had an angelic visitation. An angel of love presented herself to Lois, smiled, and gently kissed her on the cheek. Lois was profoundly moved. Yet it did not surprise her—rather, it confirmed to her that the Holy Ones were there all along.

These divine ones are intimately aware of you. In many ways, they know you better than you know yourself. They know your purpose, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you are capable of. They are doing all they can to get closer to you and help you fulfill your purpose. As you learn to work in greater harmony with the divine ones, your life becomes more beautiful and fulfilling. And such a relationship eventually leads to the great mystical union.

One of the most essential ways you will work with the Holy Ones is by calling on Divine Light. The Holy Ones are responsible for sending spiritual energy to humanity. Each of us has an auric field. Your aura is the individual expression of the universal life force. Every day, you build up or diminish the power of your aura through the way you live your life. And each day, the Holy Ones bless you with Divine Light.

Through meditation, you can call on the light directly and this brings you closer to the Holy Ones. So by including the Holy Ones in your light meditation, you can greatly enhance your aura and connection to the celestial beings. Working with spiritual energy and the hierarchy is one of most beautiful ways of communing with the divine.

Love and light,

Barbara Y. Martin


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People have often asked if I can see future events in the aura.  Sometimes, people wantmystical-eye- me to be their fortuneteller to reveal what is going to happen to them. It is true that future events do show up in the aura, but what must be remembered is that these future events are potential events. They reveal where the spiritual energy is moving but these things are not fixed in stone. There is always free will. While there is a divine design for each of us, there is flexibility with the outcome of events and experiences that are meant to happen.

A basic principle of the aura is that the energy to create anything in your life first shows up in the auric field. This is because to create anything you first have to generate the spiritual power to manifest your dreams and ambitions. As you diligently pursue your goals, you build more spiritual power. Once this spiritual power gains enough momentum, it will start showing itself in your life.

The spiritual energy of future potential events can start by first showing themselves outside the aura or in the outer circumference of the aura. As they gain more momentum, they start to become a stronger part of the auric field and move closer in. Generally when an experience is close at hand, the energy of that experience can start showing up around the chakras, especially the heart chakra. The energies themselves can be various configurations of light such as spheres or light bursts. Sometimes they can be much more specific such as images of someone new you may meet.

These potential energies are generated from a combination of your own intentions and actions, from the intentions and actions of others who are involved in the potential experience and the influence of the divine. There are many key moments in your life that are part of your Tapestry of Life and these experiences are beautifully orchestrated by the Holy Ones and show up in your aura. 

If the potential energy is maintained and strengthened, then the event will come to pass. If however, something comes along to change the conditions, then that energy can dissipate. 

For example, if you have your heart set on something, your determination contributes to the momentum of that energy to bring that event into being. But if you change your mind, or lose heart, that energy can weaken lessening the chance of that experience coming to pass. This can also happen if another person connected to your experience redirects their energy. If you are meant to meet someone but that other person willfully redirects their energy another way, it can weaken the potential energy for the two of you to meet. 

Meditating with Divine Light can be of great help here. Work with the blue-white fire of new life force to energize future energy in your aura that is meant to come to pass. Ask that this energy rejuvenate you to pursue your highest dreams and aspirations. Always ask that this be done “according to divine law and love for the good of all concerned.” Then work with the gold light asking for illumination to better recognize when those future events reveal themselves. Sometimes, when something actually manifests we can be momentarily distracted or it can unfold in ways we were not expecting. This can cause us to sometimes miss opportunities when they are right in front of us and we have earned the right to have. 

The manifesting power of the aura cannot be overestimated. Take time to carefully plan your highest dreams, then go after those dreams with all you have. Work with the Divine Light to help you in your goals. Be steadfast yet flexible as the creative process is fluid. Succeeding in your dreams is a cooperative effort. As you are attaining your dreams, you are helping others to reach their dreams. 

Love and light in 2014,

Barbara Y. Martin

By Adriana Paredes – SAI Staff

Books written by Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis

Books written by Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis

What do parents of a new born baby and authors whose book has been recently published have in common?  Both know how critical the first months are for the well-being of their off-springs. The first few months of a book launch play a big role in determining the success of a newly-published book.  While the publisher carries many responsibilities, many people don’t realize the importance the author plays to assure a successful book launch. At Spiritual Arts Institute (SAI), the successful book release of Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis’s Communing with the Divine: A Clairvoyant’s Guide to Angels, Archangels, and the Spiritual Hierarchy in April 2014 means the essential spiritual work of SAI will reach more people and attracted new students to the institute.

Communing with the Divine offers groundbreaking insight into celestial beings as Barbara shares her direct experiences with the heavenly hierarchy like no one has written about them before. She not only offers an accurate picture of how angels and other celestial beings look but also gives you ways to connect directly with them.  And Barbara doesn’t shy away from talking about the dark side giving a complete and comprehensive picture of the dynamics of the spiritual world. This is their fourth book together and builds on the success of their other books including Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, The Healing Power of Your Aura, and Karma and Reincarnation.

As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, Spiritual Arts Institute is asking for your financial support to make this book launch a success. Donations will go to marketing and public relations efforts to spread the work of the Institute to people who sincerely desire to connect to the Divine and reach their highest spiritual potential.

Candles have been used since time immemorial for a variety of reasons from the practical, religious and ceremonial, to the decorative and romantic. In working with your aura and the Divine Light, candles play a powerful supportive role. Candles have their own particular force field that is unequaled in conducting and redirecting energy that has gone astray. They have an esoteric meaning that can be used for personal and spiritual purposes.

Candles by Don2G

Candles by Don2G

Candles represent different spiritual energies depending on the colored candle you use. Lighting candles during meditation is a wonderful way to support the meditative process. For example if you are primarily mediating with the deep rose-pink ray of spiritual love, lighting a pick candle is a powerful way to support your light work. Or if you are working with the prosperity ray, lighting a turquoise candle supports your effort to build your consciousness of abundance. It’s a good idea to have a collection of various colored candles as part of your meditation practice. A white candle can always be used if you cannot find the colored candle you need.

In addition to lighting candles during meditation, you can work with them on their own.

For example, if you feel enveloped by a strong fear of anything or feel anxious for no apparent reason, burning candles can help.

First, reflect on what is causing your anxiety. Meditate with the Divine Light to cut loose the fear and uplift the consciousness. Then add working with candles outside your meditation. For fear and anxiety, burn powder blue, gold (there are gold-foiled taper candles you can buy) and bright orange candles together to help disperse these emotions. When you first begin, burn the candles for two hours.  After the initial burning, relight the candles for ten minutes intermittently throughout the day or until you feel a lifting. If there is still difficulty, burn a powder blue candle for 10 minutes before going to bed.

This will accomplish several things. For one, it will alert the divine that you are asking for added help. In addition, it will create an atmosphere of energetic support. When one is worried, that energy is not only expressed in the auric field, it can permeate the surrounding environment which can inadvertently be picked up again, even after a meditation. And finally, burning candles can help you sustain the benefits of your meditation and keeps you from unintentionally reigniting internal patterns of worry all over again.

Safety first when it comes to candles. Don’t leave candles unattended. Sometimes it’s good to burn them in a tray, sink or something that is nonflammable.  If your work schedule does not allow you to light a candle for extended periods of time, do the candle exercise at a time when you are not so busy. Vacations, weekends, mornings or evenings are good times to work with candles.

It is great fun using candles and discovering their power in helping to transform situations in your life. You will find that adding candle work is a wonderful support system in your spiritual practice.

Holiday greetings of love to you,

Barbara Y. Martin

Photo by Cornelia Kopp under CC license

Photo by Cornelia Kopp under CC license

We hear so much about mind-body-soul harmony. Certainly it is our job to bring these differing facets of our nature into balance and equilibrium. In addition to harmonizing with each other, mind, body and soul must be in harmony within themselves. If the body is not harmonized, it is difficult to balance the body with the mind and soul. Or if the mind is out of balance, it’s difficult to bring the mind in balance with the body and soul.

If there’s one thing the aura teaches us it’s this: All things in life are in vibration. Everything vibrates.  Everything is part of the great substance of life-motion responding to different rates of vibration. When these differing vibrations are in harmony, they comply with cosmic laws. Harmony of being and action is the result. When these vibrations are not in harmony, they disobey natural cosmic laws. Discord and destruction is the result.

Harmony is the basis for unity. Those persons who are not in harmony cannot respond to cosmic law. They will be unable to find enduring happiness and will not be able to work with others in a productive way.

Let’s look at these three harmonies a little closer.

1.Physical harmony – Good health, as best as you can, is the basis for physical harmony. Health not only means being physically fit, it means that the physical body is responding to the spiritual impulses impressed upon it.  When illness or distress ensues, the body does all it can to maintain equilibrium. When you cooperate and do all you can to restore health when it appears absent, you maintain that equilibrium, even if your body has not yet fully healed. So proper attention— not too much, not too little—is the key to physical harmony.

2. Mental harmony – Aligning your mind with the higher, Divine Mind is the key to mental harmony. This is achieved by keeping pure thoughts in a manner of beauty, rhythm and tone.  Exercise the mind.  Keep it alert, active and razor sharp. Maintain a positive attitude to all things and avoid extremes in your thinking. Inward poise is the key. Approach your thinking with sincerity and a true desire to progress in your own abilities.

3. Soul harmony – Soul harmony will be attained when your soul responds to the impulses of Spirit. Learn to dwell in harmony with a purposeful, beautiful life. Harmonize yourself with your highest creative aspirations by developing specific abilities, talent, character traits and interests.

In this fast-paced world, it is essential to find calmness. Take periods of rest and relaxation after extended physical or mental exertion. It is important to take care of but not constantly carry your troubles with you. Look at how carefree and energetic children can be. To build harmony with the divine, cultivate an “absence of care.” Take care of your personal needs and responsibilities with a cheerful heart. Maintain your good humor and good spirits in spite of irritations.  Look also to your surroundings. Harmony in your home and surroundings is yet another tool to build.

As always, meditation and the Divine Light are essential in building internal harmony. That is your time to go into the silence and commune with the divine. The emerald green ray of balance is excellent to with to increase mind-body-soul-harmony. This raises your vibratory frequencies.

Harmony is a major key in your happiness and success in life.  Make the effort to develop harmony and your life will move smoother. You will accelerate your upward climb on the pathway to spiritual mastery.

In Divine Light and Love,

Barbara Y. Martin

Ely Cathedral's Window Photo shared under CC license

Ely Cathedral’s Window
Photo shared under CC license

By Jaqueline Marie – SAI student

According to a recent poll 77% of Americans say religion is losing its influence in the United States, the highest percentage in more than 40 years. Yet 75% of those polled believed the country would be better off if it were more religious.

Our nation has become disenfranchised with religion, yet as a people we recognize the benefits of aligning with spiritual values. Although church attendance is at an all time low, more than ever individuals are asking questions and seeking a deeper spiritual understanding.

Why is this happening?

Sadly, many of our religious institutions are not living up to their potential. If they tapped more into that expansive inspiration that is the foundation of all genuine religions, they would be able to give us the spiritual substance we need.

To fill this dissatisfaction with the present state of religion, many are experimenting with religious practices other than the ones they were brought up with to try and fill a need. And many are turning to metaphysics to fulfill their spiritual needs.

One of the leading metaphysical teachers and clairvoyant, Barbara Y. Martin, emphasizes that religions and metaphysics work together. Together, they are part of the big picture of spirituality. Barbara was born with the ability to see auras, yet was raised as a Greek Orthodox and her father was a priest. So she had both the religious and metaphysical experience. Along with co-founder Dimitri Moraitis, she runs a nonprofit, Spiritual Arts Institute, that focuses on metaphysics and spiritual development.

Barbara teaches that religion and metaphysics go hand in hand. The religious experience brings souls into faith, giving substance to something you have not actually seen, felt or experienced. This is the beginning of an inner conviction of the Divine.

Barbara shares, “Yet faith is not an end unto itself. Faith must eventually give way to knowing. And here is where metaphysics comes in – Metaphysics helps the growing soul bridge the gap between faith and knowing through the process we call enlightenment.”

Enlightenment is a term typically associated with Eastern religions, yet Barbara teaches that every spiritual study has an esoteric, metaphysical branch to help souls achieve a personal experience of the Divine.

What this tells us is that religion can still fulfill its part in the divine plan, but needs to work harder to keep fresh and open to divine inspiration. It also tells us that many now are truly ready to take the leap into the metaphysical world of spiritual knowing.




“If you get a spiritual prompting, follow it.  It is your destiny calling you.”

Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, Karma and Reincarnation

By Adriana Paredes (SAI staff)

 As much as we would love instant enlightenment, the truth is it takes time to reach spiritual maturity.  It may take many lifetimes for a soul to reach the place when they are ready to follow the path of enlightenment.  It also takes devoted and dedicated teachers to guide the souls of those who truly want to reach the pinnacle of their spiritual potential. It is not enough to have a desire to walk the spiritual path, it is important that you have a burning desire to be ready to give it your all.

The path of consciousness is not an easy path.  It requires courage, faith, patience, love, and many other virtues to be able to leave behind attachments, habits, behaviors, thoughts, and emotional patterns that get in the way of living an awaken life.

If you feel the spiritual call, Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis urge you to follow that call, “It is the divine calling you. It’s your time to begin your spiritual ascent,” as they teach. They recommend that you look closely at what you know in your heart you are meant to accomplish and doing all you can to fulfill your purpose. We live in a time when we can grow faster than ever before.

So, are you following through on your spiritual call or letting things get in the way?

To help clarify how to answer the spiritual call, Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis will be offering a workshop on Your Spiritual Ascent at Astara, in Rancho Cucamonga, CA this coming Sunday, September 8th from 1 to 3 pm. You can register at Astara.org.

Edited by M G

By bluewinx15  Under CC license

By bluewinx15
Under CC license

I feel like I have waited my whole life to find these teachings. I feel so blessed beyond anything I can put into words, like my heart has cracked open and humility has come to the surface. I feel in the moment and my ego is sitting in the back seat. I have been on and off the spiritual path my entire life and have always wrestled with my lower emotions. Now I feel I have made a very firm commitment within myself and am ready to dig deep and end my struggle with my lower emotions/ nature. I am committed to the higher path and to love. Laura –  Escondido, CA

Barbara’s teachings together with Dimitri, have really changed my life. And I find that the light work has not only brought peace and strength in me to face the many changes in the world right now, but it has also blessed the people I love. As I grow in the light they are blessed too!   Wrena – Encinitas, CA

The classes at Spiritual Arts Institute have achieved the remarkable and wonderful feat of lifting me above life’s fray and into a larger, clearer, and more peaceful perspective. Since I have been taking classes with Barbara & Dimitri, my home life, career and personal balance  are all remarkably – almost magically – improved.  Joan – Dana Point, CA

The smartest choice I have made in my life is taking classes at SAI. Yoshiko – Oak Park, CA

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Change Your Aura, Change Your Life

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life

The Healing Power of Your Aura

The Healing Power of Your Aura

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